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Bil Howard is a storyteller, which means he tells stories about your product or service rather than hammering your potential customers and clients with sales-talk and keywords. We need to be turning on their interest instead of turning it off. So, "let me tell your story."

Monday, July 4, 2016

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There’s always a story behind every story, whether it is a novel or a book on how to save for your retirement. It is the understanding of that story and the motivation behind the words that are presented for the world to see, which separates me from the rest. 

When a person sets out to write a book, they do it because they want to communicate a part of who they are with others. Perhaps they have a desire to help others or wish to advance technology or knowledge in their area of expertise. A book might allow them to advance their own career or to make others knowledgeable about a person or company’s particular brand. Books can launch speakers into a whole new level, as well as educators and CEOs. They also might communicate a deeper meaning in life or a discovery of some profound truth.

No matter what it is that motivates you to get a book out to the public, I’m here to help and I’ll custom fit my service to your needs.

My services include:

► Ghostwriter: Help writing YOUR book – novel, novella, your ideas, who you are, what your product or service can do for others… the sky is the limit. 

► Blogging and website content: I can help keep the content on your website or your blog fresh and up-to-date.

► Technical Writer: I have the necessary skills to interview, research, and compile all of the information about your product, service, system or procedure in order to make you and your company shine.

And much more!

Contact me TODAY in order to discuss your writing needs.

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